The Noordhoek Bunny Rescue has announced that it will be opening an adoption centre at the Butterfly World Animal Sanctuary.

The adoption centre will have an enclosure large enough for the bunnies to ‘live their best lives while waiting for their forever homes’, according to a Facebook post by the animal rescue organisation.

“Our capacity is 30 bunnies, so as one is adopted we will fill the space with another sterilised bun from our Noordhoek sanctuary,” reads the post. “Our first 30 are enjoying their new grassy space with plenty of space to dig. They also have an air-conditioned wendy house in which to relax during those hot summer days.”

Noordhoek Bunny rescue said that they will be ready to welcome visitors to the enclosure by mid-November.

Since its formation, the Noordhoek Bunny Rescue has saved thousands of bunnies through rescue, sterilisation, veterinary care and rehoming.

The Rescue was founded in the seaside town in 2017 by Sian Huyser. She had just moved to Noordhoek and was driving home one day when she nearly bumped a black bunny that dashed across the road. After this, she decided to investigate and discovered that there was a dense population of feral rabbits in the area.

The rabbits bred quickly and frequently ended up as roadkill. Residents were also concerned about the environmental impact of the colonies. Sian, who had previous experience in caring for the animals, decided to step in and do something about the problem.

We are excited to announce that we are opening an adoption centre at Butterfly World!
We have a large enclosure for our…

Posted by Noordhoek Bunny Rescue on Sunday, November 1, 2020

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