What You Should Know About  The 2017 Open Design Festival

The 12-day city-wide interactive festival, The Open Design festival, starts this weekend in Cape Town and is running until 25 August 2017.

The festival provides the opportunity to explore creative approaches to problem-solving and sustainable design – increasing and benefiting South Africa’s economy and society.

Out of the many activities and events on the day, some include getting students and guests to develop their innovative and entrepreneurial skills by doing things like designing, building & coding robots at The Experience Workshop from Finland, and Africa’s first International STEAM Symposium, which will show the power of integrating creative skills, art and design thinking into the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects to develop children’s innovative skills.

Topics like social design, rebranding communities, creating multi-sensory experiences, and what it takes to be a woman game developer in a male-dominated industry will be covered in the TALK100 discussion sessions.

Start-up, Made in Everywhere, co-founded by sisters Michelle and Natasha Talliard, is a highlight at the festival and their aim is to redesign perspectives of the Cape Flats.

“Anyone having spent any time in Mitchells Plain or any other community or townships on the Cape Flats knows the stigma and negative publicity attached to these areas,” say the sisters.

Be sure to check out some of South Africa’s best interactive designs and sights at this year’s Open Design festival taking place this weekend. Browse all the events taking place at the festival this weekend here. 

Looking for more things to do, see these events happening in Cape Town:


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