Outsurance has updated their statement regarding its relationship with Katlego Maboe. The TV host has been embroiled in a social media drama following the release of a video wherein he admitted to cheating on his girlfriend. He also allegedly gave her a sexually transmitted infection that may affect her ability to have children in future.

Maboe has been temporarily suspended from his hosting work on morning show “Expresso”, and Outsurance have pulled their adverts starring him.

Speaking to IOL, Outsurance spokesperson Natasha Kawulesar said that Maboe is not an employee or permanently employed by the insurance company.

“It is important to note that Katlego is not an Outsurance employee or a permanent contractor to Outsurance,” Kawulesar said. “He is a professional actor who is paid on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Katlego has received his full compensation from Outsurance for all past as well as the current campaign in which he was featured. This includes performance as well as full usage fees for the entire campaign.”

Maboe had mentioned that he had cheated on his girlfriend Monique Miller with an Outsurance employee named Nikita Murray.

“We also want to clarify that Nikita Murray is not a current Outsurance employee. She last worked for the company in 2018. Katlego and Nikita met independently and not via any relation to Outsurance,” Kawulesar said.

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