Police are investigating a case of sexual assault and two cases of attempted murder after a husband and wife were attacked by three masked assailants in their Porterville farm. The incident took place on Sunday evening, and led to both victims were taken to a medical facility for emergency treatment.

The victims, Desiree Taylor-Van Schalwayk (45) and her husband Tobie, reported that the words “Kill the Boer” had been spray-painted on their front door mere weeks before the attack.

The incident occurred when Tobie went to collect a file from an office a fair distance from the couple’s home. The three attackers then used this as their opportunity to slip in through a gate and enter the washing room. Here, they ambushed Tobie and physically assualted him, kicking his body and punching his face until it was bloodied.

The assailants demanded to know where the couple kept their firearms, but they did not own any.

Desiree went to the washing room after hearing the commotion, and arrived to find her husband being beaten. The attackers then reportedly threw her to the ground and hit her in the face before sexually assaulting her.

The assailants then doused Tobie in petrol with the intention of burning him. He had his car keys on him, however, and managed to activate the car alarm before the attackers could set him alight. This caused the attackers to flee.

“They poured petrol over the male victim to burn him, but he managed to activate a panic button after which the attackers fled on foot,” AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety, Ian Cameron, tweeted on Sunday.


“According to [available] information, three unknown men entered the victims’ home and assaulted both of them,” Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk told News24.

No suspects have yet been arrested.

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