After enjoying a few days of the warm sun, Cape town is in for more cold and rainy weather next week.

Monday and Tuesday [June 22 to 23] will see partly cloudy conditions, with Monday reaching a high of 18° and a 10% chance of rain. Tuesday’s temperatures are expected to drop to 17° with a 10% chance of rain.

Wednesday however, will see Capetonians get a break from the bitterly cold weather. Sunny skies are expected, with temperatures reaching 20°. As for Thursday through to next week Monday [June 25 to 29] the Cape can expect 5 consecutive days of rainy weather. predicts and 80% chance of rain from Thursday through to Saturday [June 25 to 27], with the average temperature ranging from highs of 17° and 16° to lows of 13° and 12°.

From Sunday through to Monday [June 28 to 29] the rainy weather is expected to ease. Sunday June 28, will reach a high of 16° with a 20% chance of rain, while Monday June 29, will reach a high of 17° with a 40% chance of rain.

With intense rain expected, damn levels are also expected to rise. The Mother City’s dams are at an overall storage of 58.2% according to the City of Cape Town.

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