Whilst the Animal Welfare Society strongly discourages the keeping of exotic pets like snakes and other reptiles, there is a growing number of pet owners who would argue that they make ideal pets.

So, the Animal Welfare Society’s non-exclusive admissions policy has been adapted to cater for a very wide variety of animals like one and a half-year-old Noodle, a pet Boa Constrictor who was brought to the Animal Welfare Society shelter on Sunday, April 4, after showing signs of being in pain and distress.

According to his owner, Noodle had started to bite whenever she attempted to pick him up, leading her to suspect that he was very sick and in need of immediate veterinary care.

After carefully dodging his lightning-fast strikes, an x-ray revealed that Noodle had incurable cancer of the spine and would have to be humanely euthanised.

Noodle's spine

This upsetting news was not what his tearful owner was hoping to hear, but she readily agreed to us doing whatever was necessary to end Noodle’s pain and suffering.

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