South Africans are constantly making us proud, right here in the country and abroad. One teacher is taking the culture to a global level by teaching his South Korean students the traditional gumboot dance.

Thembinkosi Tera Mkonko is currently in South Korea teaching young students. Beyond his normal lessons, the teacher has been having quite a bit of fun sharing parts of his culture by teaching his students how to gumboot dance.

Gumboot dancing is a traditional dance performed by dancers wearing wellington boots. The dance originated among South African mine workers, who would stamp their feet and make beats with their bodies to communicate in the mines where speaking was often prohibited. Since then, the dance has permeated South African culture as a form of entertainment.

Thembinkosi’s students seem to be enjoying the lesson, and have picked the routine up very well! Watch them perform below.

To further validate their skills, Thembinkosi even gifted his students with certifications!

Picture: Facebook / Thembinkosi Tera Mkonko

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