South Africans may be in for a treat when lockdown comes to a much-anticipated end in the first week of May, as predictions say the petrol price will continue to dip dramatically.

Another consecutive decrease is expected in May as the world struggles with the coronavirus, bringing down the price of oil across the globe.

According to the Central Energy Fund’s (CEF) mid-month forecast, locals are in for as much as a R2 per litre drop in petrol prices. The 95 grade is expected to experience a drop of R1.89.

May’s decrease will be the fifth consecutive petrol price drop in 2020. Diesel is expected to drop by R1.17 per litre in May as well.

Currently the forecast for May predicts that petrol will cost R11.37 per litre, while diesel will cost R10.92 per litre.

Picture: Pexels

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