It’s that time of year again, when we make our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to get healthier or perhaps, finally quit smoking. While self-improvement is a big part of New Year’s resolutions, why not do something that will help others? Like adopting a rescue animal?

Far too many cats and dogs are mistreated, abandoned or unable to care for themselves. Thankfully organisations like The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) exists. They started out as a veterinary clinic aimed at helping domestic animals in Masiphumelele, and after accumulating many unwanted pets, they created an adoption agency.

Many of the animals who are brought to TEARS are in terrible shape, and are in desperate need of medical attention, affection and rehabilitation. TEARS takes care of them and helps them find their forever homes – that could be with you.


While most people prefer getting puppies or kittens as new pets, there are many older cats and dogs that are in need of a good home. On the TEARS website, you can look through the most adorable pictures of pets that are up for adoption. You can read a short biography of the animal to help decide if the pet is for you. You can also choose a specific breed of dog, or mood of cat and a gender of your preference.

There is also a special ‘Foster Me’ option for those animals who have reached their golden years. The Foster Me option tries to find old dogs and cats a home to live in for their remaining years, at no adoption fee.


If adopting a pet is difficult for you (we all know not all apartment buildings are pet-friendly) you can sponsor an animal who is at the kennels or cattery while they wait for someone to adopt them. The sponsorship covers their food and any veterinary costs. If you are not interested in adopting or sponsoring a pet at all, but you still want to help out, you can donate to TEARS or check out one of their charity shops.

So if you are looking to extend your family or just want to do some good in 2016, why not help out our four-legged friends who cannot help themselves?

Just to give you a taste of what great work TEARS does, check out this incredible rescue story:

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