A 67-year-old man in Somerset West has been arrested after it was found that he was in illegal possession of a large number of firearms, ammunition and explosives.

According to the City of Cape Town’s Mayco member for Safety¬†JP Smith, the Law Enforcement Stabilisation Unit received a tip-off of a male suspect in the area who had a large stash of a number of firearms as well as ammunition.

“They discovered a total of 16 rifles, four pistols, a substantial amount of ammunition, 21 imitation firearms,¬†and explosive gun powder. Other explosives were also found,” said Smith.

The suspect is currently being detained and has been charged with the appropriate charges.

“The 67-year-old suspect from Briza Estate, Somerset West was arrested and charged with the possession of illegal firearms, unlawful possession of ammunition, and the illegal possession of explosives and is being detained at the Somerset West police station,” added Smith.

Ammunition found on the property.

Smith asked the public to note that only pictures of the imitation gas guns are being posted. A request was made not to post pictures of the actual firearms as this could interfere with the investigation, said Wayne Dyason.

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