The recent earthquake and its aftershocks in Nepal have claimed more than four thousand victims to date – a catastrophe that has seen the world come together to send aid to the affected.

The tragedy has been brought home by news of at least 10 South Africans currently trapped as a result of avalanches on Mount Everest, including Saray Khumalo, a 43-year-old from Johannesburg, who was preparing to become the first black woman to climb the famous peak. 

The video below, which has gone viral since being released, shows the immense force of the avalanche triggered by the earthquake.

Two Capetonians are currently trapped at a national park in Langtang, north of Katmandu in Nepal. As far as we know, Mike Sherman and his girlfriend Kate Ahrends are alive, but cut off from communication.

We are keeping them, and every other person currently trapped, in our thoughts.

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