A young boy’s body was discovered on a farm near Keerweder Road in Paarl after he had gone swimming in the dam with friends, and drowned. The incident unfolded on Sunday, November 29 and the Drakenstein Farm Watch responded at 4.02pm.

“The farmer was notified by the farmworkers regarding the incident,” Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) said in a statement. “The dam is often used in warm weather conditions, by the local farm youth to play and swim.”

Teen drowns after canoe capsizes
The teen boy’s body was retrieved.

It is believed that four youngsters went to play at the dam with a canoe. Midway out onto the dam the canoe capsized and a 16-year-old boy disappeared beneath the water.

“Within minutes the DFW rescue teams were on their way and the location of the incident was send by the farmer to the DFW controlroom to accommodate the response,” the organisation said. ” On site, the DFW crew were informed precisely by the local youngsters of what happened and exactly where. It then was clear, that no rescue was possible as the time frame, if found, to resurrect the youngster, who was still under water, had unfortunately passed.”

The DFW crews were assisted by Private K9, Paarl police, Metro Rescue and ER 24 ambulance services. A police diver crew was sent in to retrieve the youth from the deep end of the dam.
“The entire happening has made a deep and traumatic impact on rescue crews and local farm families alike,” the DWF said. “We wish the family of the youngster strength in this tragic time. We say thank you to all responders volunteer and professionals for their response and combined efforts.”
Picture: DFW/Supplied

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