Christmas is the time for giving, and one thing that will be on everyone’s wishlist is a CBD product. This revolutionary oil has been infused into a variety of products since the decriminalisation of marijuana, and offers the health benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high.

There are a myriad of health benefits that come with making use of CBD oil, and it’s infused products. These include the following:

– Relieving pain

– Aid in the reduction of anxiety and depression

– Reduces the severity of cancer symptoms

– Can reduce inflammation caused by acne

– Can encourage neuroprotective properties

– Encourages heart health

– Has been proven to aide in the reduction of symptoms of diabetes

Here is a list of perfectly CBD-infused gifts that will leave every member of the family smiling:

CBD-infused perfume

Source: Goodleaf

This Herb Essntls cannabis-infused perfume oil is based on fresh cannabis buds, patchouli and dry amber. The top notes of the cannabis perfume oil consist of citrus and bergamot and dominate at first, but gently fade into the deeper base notes.

This is a cannabis perfume made with Cannabis Sativa seed oil, giving the wearer a fresh and natural fragrance.

Price: R995.00


CBD Vape pen

Source: Goodleaf

The Select Relax CBD vape pen 250mg combines pure hemp extracts and calming essential oils to help you unwind and relieve tension. This compact CBD vape pen is available in a variety of soothing flavours from lavender to cinnamon – perfect for promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Vaping CBD means you can experience an almost instantaneous effect, with each of these puffs providing about 1-2mg of CBD.

Price: R395


Pure CBD oil

Source: Goodleaf

The goodleaf drops are a combination of organic full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD & MCT oil. “Our hemp extract is organically grown cannabis. It is ecologically farmed, lab-processed, purified and produced under the strictest safety & quality standards,” goodleaf says.

Price: R1 195


Cannabis-related book

Source: Goodleaf

This handy guide shows you how to conduct yourself in the following situations:

– How to bring it to a dinner party or give it as a gift

– Why eating it is different from inhaling it

– How to respectfully use it as a guest

– Why different strains affect you in different ways

– How to behave at a dispensary

– How to tackle pot faux pas such as “canoed” joints and “lawn-mowed” bowls

Price: R445


CBD-infused breakfast treats

Source: Zootly

Wake and bake with the perfect combination of CBD-infused coconut cookies and coffee.

Price: R599 (on special) R630 (normal price)


Canna-growing tents

The Zootly Tent is a free-standing, versatile and durable grow tent that can be used for a variety of growing systems. This custom-made tent is made by growers, for growers, which means that all considerations have been taken to ensure a flawless, user-friendly design.

Price: R1 550


Canna face mask

Source: Goodleaf

A restorative treatment for the face to target inflammation and dryness. Cucumber, aloe vera & witch hazel work to heal and soothe, keeping the skin ultra-hydrated with the addition of vitamin B3 to retain its natural moisture.

It contains 150mg of CBD.

Alternatively those in search of CBD gifts can check out goodleaf’s full range of skin products that have just launched and choose one that best suits your loved ones tastes.

Price: R395


CBD-infused pain reliever

Source: Goodleaf

Rich in hemp-based CBD, with cooling essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus to naturally soothe pain, this CBD pain cream is non-greasy and fast-absorbing.

Price: R995


CBD for your pets

Source: goodleaf

Goodleaf has blended their 100% hemp-derived CBD extract with fractionated coconut oil and all-natural herbs and spices. The result is a mouth-watering formula that recreates the aroma and flavoor of chicken perfectly suited to your pet.

Price: R895


CBD-infused began chocolate

Source: Zootly

This CBD-infused treat is the perfect gift to give your favourite sweet-toothed loved one, and will guarantee they have a relaxed day after eating it.

Price: R125


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