The Green Point Flea Market has returned after traders were evicted around 10 years ago, when the new Cape Town Stadium was built.

The closing of the flea market was met with negative response by the traders, who lost access to their customers in this popular area.

“After a long journey and struggle of never giving in, we have arrived at the historical moment of going back,” Rosheda Muller, President of the South African Traders Alliance told CapeTalk. 

The market is open as on Sunday 22 December in their new home in parking area p4, next to the athletics stadium.

According to CapeTalk, all 98 historical traders who were part of the original market have been asked to return. It is estimated that 200 trading opportunities have been created with the opening of this new market.

The market will only be open on Sundays and public holidays from 08:00 until 17:00 subject to events taking place within the Green Point precinct.


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