When the rain came down in Cape Town on Monday, locals rejoiced. The Mother City is currently in the grips of the worst drought in years with very little rainfall experienced in three years. A spectacular lightning storm lit up the skies and reminded us to be thankful for every single drop that fell. Some Capetonians got out of their cars and thanked the heavens for the downpour, others put all their buckets outside to help catch the water falling from the skies. There were a few areas that experienced a hailstorm. The most beautiful pictures and sentiments were shared over social media rejoicing the rainfall. Some even thanked the ANC for recalling President Jacob Zuma, saying we are being blessed for the bold decision. It was indeed a reason to celebrate as the rainfall quenched the dry earth and gave some much needed relief to our fauna and flora in drought stricken Cape Town. The city is under level 6B water restrictions which means locals can only use 50 litres of water per person per day. Day Zero, when the taps run dry, was on Tuesday moved to June. Have a look at some tweets and pictures from last night.  


We had such an awesome light show in #capetown last night. The rain was absolutely glorious and a welcome relief from all the heat. #stormy

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