Another vehicle has plunged down the cliff at Voelklip viewpoint in Herolds Bay on Thursday, January 21. A mother (34), her daughter (2) and son (8) were in the vehicle, according to Southern Cape police spokesperson, Captain Malcolm Pojie.

The 8-year-old boy managed to escape the vehicle and has been taken to hospital, according to 1Second Later.

The NSRI, rescue workers, police and paramedics are on the scene, reports the George Herald, searching for the mother and daughter.

This is the same place where Heidi Scheepers and her two children plunged from the cliff in 2019. Voelkip in George overlooking Herolds Bay is a notorious zone for fatal accidents. The viewpoint has been coined ‘the cliff of death.

Eight people died in the area from November 3, 2015 to April 29, 2016.

Timeline of Voelklip accidents:


In November 2015, Gabriel Harker (38) was swept off the rocks while fishing and drowned.

In the same month, three students from George died after their Toyota Hilux fell from the cliff near the lookout point. The bodies of Luandro Jansen (22) and Marnic Els (21) were found but not that of Werner Finger.

In December 2015, Josh Allpass (15) and Warren Dickson (14) were also washed off the rocks while fishing. Their bodies were never recovered.


In April 2016, Tobias Koen (62) was in his delivery vehicle and died when it went over the cliffs at Voëlklip beach.


In October 2019, Heidi Scheepers and her two children fell from the viewpoint in their car. Police confirmed that the area where Scheepers and her two children plunged down the cliff, was the exact spot where the three students from George had fallen too. Both Heidi and her son’s bodies were recovered but her daughter was never found.

In December 2019, 52-year-old Zonita Basson plunged into the sea in her red Chevrolet Spark. Her body was recovered.


In January 2020, a man was seen speeding in a white Ford Ecosport, with a CA-registration, before the car plummeted from the road down the cliffs. His body was recovered

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