Two suspects are due to appear in the Simon’s Town Magistrate’s Court for allegedly attacking hikers in the Table Mountain National Park. They were found by rangers near Kleinplaas Dam with weapons and drugs in their possession on Sunday, February 21.

South African National Parks (SANParks) spokesperson Lauren Howard-Clayton said the suspects will appear as soon as they are charged.

Crime within Table Mountain National  Park (TMNP) has been on the rise in recent months.  Muggings and even violent physical attacks are being increasingly reported.

Hiker organisation Friends of Table Mountain (FOTM) has called on SANParks to ensure Cape Town’s nature-lovers are safe while enjoying the various trails on the mountain.

FOTM is calling on SANParks to provide:

  1. The substantial TMNP income to be used to address crime issues
  2. A detailed needs analysis to be performed considering the various hot spots on TMNP
  3. More Visitor Safety Rangers on the ground
  4. Re-establishment of the canine unit to assist rangers to perform their duties at night and in thick bush
  5. A hotline for the public to pro-actively report issues like fires, bark stripping, suspicious activity, people sleeping in caves

Keep these safety tips in mind while enjoying the Table Mountain National Park:

– Never hike, run or cycle alone – four or more is an ideal size for a party.

– Save the TMNP emergency number on your phone: 086 110 6417

– Avoid going before sunrise or after sunset.

– Keep to the designated routes on well-used paths. Heed signs advising of danger and do not take short cuts or unknown routes.

– Leave valuables behind and keep phones out of sight.

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Table Mountain users demand action from SANParks over spike in crime

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