For many, Lego reminds us of our childhood, a time of uninhibited imagination. It is a recognised brand that has entertained many for decades, and now, Lego could add a much-loved South African area to its list of creations.

Lego is currently running the Lego Ideas competition, where fans can enter in their own recreations that they want to see made into real Lego blocks. One South African, Wayne Nestadt, has taken up the challenge and recreated the Bo-Kaap as a product idea. His set concept includes four houses in a bright variety of colours, and six mini-figures representing the diverse range of people that can be found in South Africa.

Nestadt’s product idea.

There is currently a Bo-Kaap model built by Peter Furstenberg displayed in Canal Walk’s Lego certified store, however the model is not for sale. If he wins, Nestadt’s creation could become a real Lego set that will be available for purchase.

Furstenburg’s model currently displayed at the Lego Certified Store.


In his product description,  Nestadt explains that he chose to recreate Bo-Kaap because “It is well known for its brightly colourful houses and the diverse range of people who live in this neighbourhood.”
“It is not only one of the most photographed places in South Africa but it also boasts a rich history and culture,” he continues. “To this date there is no LEGO set that reflects the beauty, heritage and diversity of South Africa. I am hoping this set would be the first.”
In order to win, Nestadt needs our votes. To vote, simply create an account on the Lego Ideas website, search “Bo Kaap” and click “support”.
Picture: LEGO

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