CCTV footage of a family stealing a victims handbag at a local restaurant has surfaced on social media.

The victim’s husband, Louis Fourie, took to social media to share details of the incident on Saturday in a sarcastic post. Fourie’s post shows footage of his wife’s handbag being grabbed while seated at popular family eatery, Spur, in the Tyger Valley Shopping Centre.

“This wonderful family of three innocently took my wife’s handbag by mistake… You can see “little Tommy” turning around and taking my wife’s handbag by mistake… His mom must have one that looks the same,” Fourie’s post reads.

The footage reveals the tactics used by the family to steal the handbag, as the son slowly bends underneath the table to grab the victims bag. He slides the handbag over to his mother who passes it on to a woman who comes near the table and promptly carries the bag away.

“Then he passes to Mommy love that also makes the same mistake. Now mommy feels in the giving mood and decides to donate the handbag to a best friend “Sister Act” who promptly leaves to do some last minute Christmas shopping,” Fourie’s post continues.

Fourie has appealed to the public and those with any information on the identity or whereabouts of the assailants to come forward.

“If you recognise this tight-knit family of moral standings could you please inform them of the mistake they made by taking the wrong bag …. my wife’s. Willing to offer a cash reward to anyone coming across the bag (cream, soft with brown handles) with the car keys,” said Fourie.

Fourie said that his daughter’s Christmas present was in the stolen handbag.

“You can keep the money and my daughter’s Christmas present but please return the bag with the rest.”

Due to the theft, the Fourie family have been left without access to their vehicle as the only key to their car was in the handbag.

“Biggest problem is our last keyless car key was inside [the handbag] and that is going to cost a few thousand to replace… thanks for this “awesome” start to Christmas this year,” he said.

This is not the first incident where a family has worked together to commit theft as a woman used her young daughter to steal a handbag in November.

South African Police Services did not respond to queries on the incident.

Picture: Facebook/ Louis Kzor Fourie

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