The Cape’s favourite eight-day race challenge is back, and will allow some of the world’s strongest athletes to compete for the spot as champion of the Cape Epic.

“Spend the day with us, cheering on the riders as they roll down the start stage and begin their first kilometers of their untamed journey around Table Mountain National Park. You won’t be left to wait as there are plenty of great activities and buzz to keep you busy,” the organisers of the race said. “Let the little ones engage in some active play in the Virgin Active Club V zone or let them have a go around the kiddies pump track while you enjoy a cold one in the infamous Edge Chill Zone on the finish line.”

The race will comprise of 624 kilometres and 16 650 metres of climbing rugged mountain trails, dual tracks, windswept gravel roads and passing through sandy landscapes to boot.

“This is a reflection of modern Africa, where urbanization spreads to the edge of wilderness – riders will roll out of celebrated towns, straight into the hinterland where heaven and hades are the opposite sides of the same coin,” the organisers said.

Where to view the Cape Epic from: 

Vantage Point A: UCT XC Track 

Two kilometres into the 2019 Absa Cape Epic riders will reach the first singletrack of the race, on the UCT XC Track. Fans can gather here to marvel at the skills of the elite riders and cheer on their friends or family members embarking on the challenge ahead. Walk up from the UCT rugby fields, where the Prologue Route starts and finishes, after absorbing the nervous atmosphere created by 650 teams eagerly anticipating the start of their epic journey.

GPS Co-ordinates: S33° 56.848′ E18° 25.257′

Kilometres into the stage: 2km

Distance from race village: 1km

Vantage Point B: Deer Park  

A new addition to 2019 race is the vantage point, alongside the Deer Park Pump Track 10 kilometres into the Prologue Route. In the shade of the pine forest the Deer Park vantage point is a great spot to bring along the family to watch the race. Out of the sun and just a short drive or cycle from the City centre it is the most readily accessible vantage point of the entire race.

GPS Co-ordinates: S33° 56.894′ E18° 25.255′

Kilometres into the stage: 10km

Distance from race village: 10km

Vantage Point C: Dead Man’s Tree

Probably the most iconic of the 2019 Absa Cape Epic spectator points Dead Man’s Tree provides a natural amphitheatre from which to view the race. Located 11.6 kilometres into the stage, where the riders crest the steep dual track climb from Deer Park and turn onto Table Mountain Road, it provides an excellent view over the Cape Town City Centre and the riders grinding their way slowly up the mountain. Pack cow bells, vuvuzelas, sun screen and refreshments, along with a wide brimmed hat. It is sure to be festive.

GPS Co-ordinates: S33° 57.343′ E18° 25.130′

Kilometres into the stage: 11.6km

Distance from race village: 12km

 Vantage Point D: Newland Forest

If you do not want to drive from UCT but want to catch the riders in a couple of locations you can walk across from the UCT XC Track or the race village to the Newlands Forest vantage point. It provides the chance to watch riders descend through the Prologue’s final singletrack at close quarters.

GPS: S33° 96.367, E18° 45.453

Kilometres into the stage: 19.5km

Distance from race village: 2km

The race will kick off on March 26th, and riders can access their routes here.

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