The World Health Organization (WHO) has devised a clever new tactic to get the message about safety during the COVID-19 pandemic out.

They’ve recruited the notorious grumpy Gru and his Minions, who star in the Despicable Me franchise to spread a message about keeping your distance and being kind to one another.

WHO are at the forefront of dealing with the second wave of the pandemic that is breaking at different times and places across the world. In most cases, the resurgence of the virus has been more deadly than the first wave but are also coupled with increased complacency as safety fatigue sets in.

While it is a great way to spread these simple key concepts to children, adults will be happy to learn it centres around Gru rather than the adorable-yet-irritating yellow sidekicks which haunted every toy shop and Facebook feed between 2010 and fairly recently.

Gru and WHO’s message is simple: “physically distance, stay active at home and be kind to each other.”

“This does not come naturally to me but try to be kind to each other, this is a tough time for everyone,” says the not-so-villain, Gru, in the video.

Watch the sweet message here:

Picture: Screenshot from WHO video.

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