Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon cooking on the stovetop? Now, bacon-lovers can carry that smell with them wherever they go, as bacon-scented face masks now exist.

In 2020, we cannot go anywhere without a face mask. We’ve seen some truly unique masks but this one takes the cake.

Hormel Foods, known for its Black Label Bacon, has launched “Breathable Bacon“, what they are describing as “a revolutionary face mask featuring the latest in pork-scented technology.”

The mask consists of two-ply multi-fibre cloth to keep the delicious smell of bacon always wrapped around your nose and mouth.

“We’re continually focused on innovation – from new products, to marketing and distribution – all in an effort to deliver new and exciting ways to experience and enjoy Black Label Bacon,” said Nick Schweitzer, senior brand manager. “In 2020, that means connecting everyone’s favourite bacon scent to the year’s ‘it’ accessory, and in doing so, bring Black Label Bacon closer to our fans.”

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BLACK LABEL™ Breathable Bacon looks so good you can almost smell it. Also, you can smell it. Because it’s scented. Enter for your chance to whiff at www.breathablebacon.com

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Now until October 28, fans stand the chance of winning one by visiting www.BreathableBacon.com and entering for a chance to receive a free, limited-edition package of Breathable Bacon, so they can look and smell great wherever they are.

Hormel will also give back to hunger relief by donating one meal to Feeding America for every request on www.BreathableBacon.com, up to 10,000 meals.

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