Nature gave birth to an edible fungi weighing an impressive three kilograms which was found in Tokai Forest recently. Mushrooms have been growing in the forest for years, but non-poisonous ones are tricky to find.

Recent rainfall has led to mushrooms sprouting all over Tokai Forest in Constantia Valley, which is known for its 274 species of beautiful trees and plants. Although mushrooms grow in abundance here, not all are edible, so it’s important to know your fungi well before you go picking any. Taking the time to educate yourself or, even better, finding an expert who knows how to identify non-poisonous ones to go mushroom-foraging with you is a good idea.

Many believe that thoroughly cooking mushrooms makes even the poisonous ones safe to eat, but the toxic substances found in inedible mushrooms cannot simply be cooked out.

Mushroom poisoning, or mycetism, can be caused by ingesting poisonous mushrooms and leads to death in certain instances. Certain mushrooms can also cause severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis which requires immediate medical attention.

When foraging for wild mushrooms, only pick ones that have been positively identified by you or an expert with 100 percent certainty. Mushrooms with white gills, a skirt or ring on the stem should not be consumed; unless it has been approved by an expert, mushrooms with red on the cap or stem should also not be picked because they could be poisonous.

To learn more about foraging for edible wild mushrooms, you can go to Arrive Alive’s mushroom safety article, or look at Wild Food UK’s article on mushrooms for novice foragers.

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