It’s that sense of absolute peace, one of awe and contentment that one gets from being in the ocean, that can’t really be put into words – it’s that feeling that drew Greg, and his daughter Charlotte back into the waves, week after week. It was here they imagined sharing their knowledge of the ocean with many other children and families, raising awareness as to the plight of the ocean and all she is battling: the rubbish, the pollution, the over-fishing and the unnecessary harm to sea creatures. It was from their time together that Greg and Charlotte developed an idea to provide other children with an interactive snack to not only nourish but inform too.

S.O.S kids snack series was borne from a deep desire to share the plight of the ocean (one of 16 collectable postcards comes with each dried fruit snack), while at the same time bringing fun and interaction into all children’s days. Try one of four different flavours S.O.S snacks at your local retailer now, which includes Spar, Checkers, Dischem & Clicks.

Check out their incredible story below:

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