The first snow fell on Saturday at Sani Pass, the Eastern Cape and Lesotho – properly welcoming the cold season. Since then, these areas have been blanketed in snow and it continues to fall today.

On Monday, Snow Report SA detailed the snowfall for Eastern Lesotho highlands and expected it to continue over the course of Tuesday. There was light snowfall along the Eastern border of Lesotho reaching from the Maluti Mountains, down to Sani Pass as well as on the KZN Drakensberg mountain ranges of the Central and Southern berg.

“The snowfall should intensify in the early hours of Tuesday morning with falls up to 10cm in some parts. We expect intermittent flurries throughout the day Tuesday. over the mountainous regions, ending late in the evening. Keep warm and should you travel to experience the snow please respect private property and stay safe at all times,” said Snow Report SA.

They posted spectacular images of the areas covered in snow…

















Pictures: Snow Report SA

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