Whether you are looking for a room, an apartment or house to rent in Cape Town – property hunting can be a long drawn out affair. Property sites offer you the same options, we’ve discovered new networks to make your search a little easier.

These online sites make it easy to scroll to find your perfect place. They are reputable and reliable, and help you avoid the hassle and stress of online scams.

1. Huis Huis 

Huis Huis formed on Facebook and has taken Cape Town by storm – with both house and flatmate hunters. Those looking for a roommate too are scrolling the page to find what they are looking for. Those looking for a roommate or for someone to take over their lease, can place details of the property along with the price. It is user-friendly and allows you to narrow down your search to a specific post by username. The site offers users medium to long term rental, from  six months and upwards. The admin team of the page overseas all posts to ensure that all relevant info is included. There are dedicated Huis Huis page for the Northern and Southern Suburbs in Cape Town.

Website: www. facebook.com

2. Ekaya 

An online rental service that is dedicated to simplifying the hunt for room – Ekaya  creates a rental application with a difference and is some what like Tinder, both sellers and users are able to create an online profile. Ekaya is built on the basis of trust and users are able to use ‘Project Ivy’ to narrow down their search as they swipe left or right.Ekyay is built on the basis of trust and users are able to use ‘Project Ivy’ to narrow down their search. The VIP Ekaya application that users create allows landlords to find the perfect fit and users are able to present their three month bank statement, references and specifics in an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Website: www.ekaya.com

. Rent a Room 

Rent a Room offers an online property service for students and interns in Cape Town.  Rent a room houses three different properties and is able to allocate prospective renters to the ideal spot whether it be in Gardens, Observatory or Mowbray. The rooms are all equipped with a lockable room, a maintenance team and a dedicated cleaning service.  The site offers three different categories of rooms ranging from a large bedroom with a double bed to a compact single bed room and each are priced accordingly.

Website: www.rentaroom.co.za


4. Anazi 

Anazi is a search engine site for property, cars and jobs across South Africa. It was the first South African engine created in 1996 and each submission to the site is checked rigorously to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers. The site is simple to use, just type your needs into the search engine and it will find you accommodation tailored to your requirements.

Website: www.anazi.co.za

5. Homii 

A rental site that promotes an affordable housing that is soon to hit the shores of the Cape, possibly by the end of July. Homii is building several residential apartments to bring affordable and safe living to residents who cannot afford Cape Town’s rentals. The city lacks affordable housing and Homii plans to eradicate this. There is an app for Homii – allowing users to view and book apartments or rooms. We can’t wait for it to arrive.

Website: www.homii.co.za

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