Even as South Africans look for more ways to save, some things – like insurance – are necessities that protect not only your possessions, but also your lifestyle.

But does car insurance need to have a set monthly premium, and why should you pay for coverage you don’t use?

In their commitment to affordable and flexible insurance, dotsure.co.za developed Name Your Price™ so you can choose how much to spend on car insurance each month by making use of cover limitations.

6 Ways to Save with Name Your Price™

  1. Glass Cover

If you’re a city slicker who never takes the gravel road less travelled, there’s no need to pay to protect your windshield and windows from damage caused by stones.

Save by activating the Glass Damage cover limitation – but, if you do end up going on an off-road trip, you can de-activate the Glass Damage Cover Limitation as you need it.

  1. Night-time Driving

Driving at night is higher risk due to visibility issues, so it’s only natural that night driving increases your insurance premium.

Activate the Night-time Driving cover limitation, and only be covered when driving before 21:00 and after 05:00.

  1. Monthly Mileage

The less time you spend on the road, the lower your chances of being in an accident.

If you drive 1,000km or less per month, you can activate the Monthly Mileage cover limitation to only pay for the distance you drive.

  1. Weekend Driving

If you’re a weekend homebody, why pay a premium that factors in the risk of driving on weekends (when most accidents statistically occur)?

Activate the Weekend Driving cover limitation to exclude cover for loss or damage that occurs between 21:00 on a Friday and 05:00 on a Monday.

  1. Hail Cover

If you live in an area that never sees hail, there’s no point in paying for cover you don’t need.

Activate the Hail Cover limitation to exclude damage from hail and save on your premiums. You can always de-activate this cover limitation if the weather looks a little cloudy.

  1. Driver Options

With Name Your Price™, you can choose between an open driver policy, a nominated driver policy, or a single driver policy.

If you select a nominated or single driver policy, your premium will be lower than the open driver policy – but be honest in your selection, as this could impact the validity of claims.

We already have so many things to juggle and worry about – insurance shouldn’t be one of them. With leading edge technology and super cool benefits, why not get an online car insurance quote in 5 minutes from dotsure.co.za, SA’s #1 ranked** insurer on HelloPeter.com?

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Anita Froneman