The “new normal” is that practically everywhere we go, we find ourselves in the position of having to use hand sanitisers before entering shops, medical suites, our place of work and more. The adverse effect of this is that the skin on our hands ends up taking a real pounding.

The reason for this is purely due to the fact that the high alcohol content in the sanitisers progressively and effectively removes the natural moisture, lipids and oils of the skin. The end result is dry, cracked, red, itchy, flaky and irritated skin. Once this has developed, using a sanitiser often becomes rather unpleasant and at times, a painful experience.

Gloves In A Bottle is the ideal all-in-one shielding and dry skin care lotion solution for protecting and nourishing your hand against the adverse effects of constantly exposing your skin to soaps and sanitisers.

How does it work?

When applied, Gloves In A Bottle Lotion creates an invisible protective layer over the external surface of the skin. It is scientifically designed to not block the skins pores and allows your skin to breathe and perspire normally.

It has been specifically designed to not wash off, even when using sanitisers, solvents and soaps. A single application will protect and nourish the skin for 4 – 12 hours. It will come off naturally by way of the natural exfoliation of the skin that is constantly taking place every minute of the day.  Keep in mind that this protective barrier is invisible and when applied, it leaves your skin with a satin smooth feel.

Before Gloves In A Bottle
After Gloves In A Bottle

The invisible protective layer that is created when Gloves in A Bottle is applied serves two key functions:

  1. Locks out moisture depleting irritants such as sanitisers, solvents, chemicals etc from penetrating the skin and removing the skins natural moisture and oils.
  2. Locks in the skins natural moisture and oils for deep rooted nourishment through all 7 major layers of the skin- from the inside out. This is exactly how our bodies were designed to function in order to maintain a healthy and vibrant skin.

It makes perfect sense: If we are able to prevent the loss of the skins natural moisture and oils, whilst simultaneously locking these in, the perfect platform is created to ensure a healthy vital skin that functions optimally. Gloves In A Bottle achieves just this.

Internationally recognised as world leaders in shielding lotion technology, Gloves In A Bottle is internationally recommended and used by more than 10 000 dermatologists and medical practitioners.

It is non-toxic, hypo allergenic, grease and fragrance free. Tough enough to be used for protection in the most robust industrial environment, yet gentle enough to be used on a baby’s bottom to prevent nappy rash.

Applying Gloves In A Bottle just twice a day gives you both the freedom and peace of mind to sanitise and wash hands as often as you like without having to endure the associated adverse effects of doing so.

Available at Dischem, Clicks and selected retail stores and pharmacies countrywide.

Visit to purchase online, read dermatologist testimonials, or simply just to find out more about Gloves In A Bottle and how it can change your life.

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