The fandom around the hysterical video, “My Fok Marelize” has still not died down, and riders participating in the Cape Town Cycle Tour this weekend are hoping not to suffer the same fate. The video, shot by 19-year-old Marelize Horn’s mother Heidi, shows the teen learning how to ride her bike on a rugby field.

Marelize is doing pretty well until she rides slap bang into a rugby pole. Her mother is seen walking towards her uttering, “My fok, Marelize”. Once posted, the video took on a life of its own, and has been the inspiration for memes and videos.

In an interview, Marelize (who lives in Namibia) told News24 she is accident-prone and is constantly walking into or falling off things. She said that she is so used to hearing her mom say “My Fok Marelize” because of her clumsiness. Both Heidi and her daughter are astounded at the attention the video has received. From T-shirts to mugs, memes to videos, the laughter keeps spreading.

With hordes of riders descending on the Mother City for the Cape Town Cycle Tour tomorrow, Marelize has been adapted into these hilarious social media posts around the event.


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