Trendy local fashion brand, Artclub and Friends has the ‘perfect’ size for everyone. The brand is advocating for a positive body image and is removing the gender norms associated with fashion – setting the bar high for South African designers.

Embracing our unique shape and size 

Founder and creative director of the art inspired brand, Robyn Keyser, indicated that the focus of fashion should be people and stripping it of its traditional labels allows for people to express themselves.

Traditional labels can make shopping a negative experience as social norms dictate what is acceptable or not. Whether we are a size extra small or extra large – begin comfortable in one’s skin is important. The influence of Instagram models and #Iwokeuplikethis assigns us into categories that affect self confidence but Art Club and Friends is transforming the norm with their new approach to size labelling.

Clothing labels are indicated as ‘perfectly’ small or ‘perfectly’ large because regardless of size, everyone is beautiful and size does not matter. The brand is embracing the ideals of self love and self expression with their original labelling. A size chart is available to find the ideal fit and ensures that all pieces are gender neutral.

The inclusion of a ‘free size’ is designed to fit all and the public is welcoming this movement with open arms.

One user commented, “Yes! Amazing! The world needs this” along with others sharing their experience of labels catering to specific sizes only, indicating the lack of access for all.

Robyn Keyser gave us more insight into the importance of this movement,  “As designers we have a huge responsibility in terms of the power we are given to change the way people perceive themselves. Your body is your canvas, your vessel. It’s not an easy journey coming to truly appreciate the gift that is your body, but Artclub and Friends can play a small role in your journey to getting there. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the smile on someone’s face when I ask them which size they are and they reply ‘I’m a perfectly extra-large, thank you’.”

Art Club and Friends has taken a progressive stance on making fashion an all inclusive experience.

Picture: Pexels

Article written by

Ishani Chetty

Ishani is a vegetarian who is passionate about animals, social issues, the environment and current affairs.