Founded by Aidan Bennetts in 2013, Stable Design Emporium aims to make design more accessible to the public, and that it has. The retail space showcases a collection of more than 60 South African designers, a ‘stable’ of home-grown talent across varying industries from across the country. chats to Aidan about the emporium.

Tell us a bit about Stable…
Stable is a boutique design store on the corner of Loop and Hout streets in Cape Town. We sell the finest South African design, including tables, chairs, lights and decor accessories.

How do you make the selection of which designers to showcase?
I’m always looking for new and fresh talent to offer a diverse range of products to our clients; the main ingredient I look for is innovation.

What is your view of design in Cape Town?
I’m privileged to be surrounded by such incredible talent. On a regular basis I’m able to rub shoulders with over 90 designers through Stable as well as run my own design practice. This being said, I am immersed in design daily. I think that we are at the beginning of a very important design journey right now. Design as a discipline is still in infantile stages in Cape Town but I really look forward to watching it grow and playing a role in its development.

In your opinion, how big a role has WDC played in getting South African design on the map?
The WDC is a valuable platform. It acts as a catalyst, setting in motion ideas and projects that designers have been thinking about but are waiting for the right time to explore.

What do you think the future of design in Cape Town holds?
Design always has and always will play an important role in Cape Town – in the broadest of terms. I think the next decade will be more interesting as design is gaining popularity among youngsters as a career and, more importantly, a lifestyle choice.

Which local designers are gaining prominence on the design scene?
Laurie Wiid, James Mudge, Andrew Dominic, Martin Dollar, Joe Paine, David Krynauw and Jonathan Fundundis are all examples of designers who are pushing the envelope.

What do you love most about this city?
I love the fact that Cape Town beats to her own drum. One minute it’s sunny and beautiful, the next raining and wet. There is no routine, you have to act by the day instead of planning and operating in a humdrum routine. I love that within minutes you can explore areas that are vastly different, for example I can hop on my bike, ride through raw Woodstock, check out some polished houses in Higgovale and then breeze to my favourite beach for a quick swim.

Where 65 Loop Street, CBD
Trading Hours Monday to Friday 9 am – 4:45 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm
Contact +27 21 426 5094,

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