We’ve rounded up the gadgets that will get you excited about 2018. Wearable technology and high-resolution TVs for the win.

Samsung’s The Wall 146-inch TV
Samsung has debuted a 146-inch TV called The Wall, this includes modular MicroLED technology, which means the size of the TV can change to fit your room better by removing or adding pieces. MicroLED are smaller than LEDs and self-sufficient as a light source. There’s no price tag for The Wall yet.

2018 will be the year when TV resolution takes on epic proportions. LG has announced an 88in 8K OLED panel TV which it claims has the highest resolution. 8K is four times the resolution of 4K, making content appears as close to real as you can get. We don’t know what it will cost, but it will be expensive.

Apple HomePod
It took Apple long enough to complete this smart speaker, but it’s finally here now. The speaker is controlled by Apple’s AI assistant – Siri – which can do things like read out the news and send iMessages – and also act as a “musicologist” that will help you discover new music.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 smartphone
Without a doubt, we are going to see Samsung launch another flagship phone. The latest S device is likely to make its debut in the next few months, now that the hype over Apple’s iPhoneX has simmered down. Officially we don’t know what it looks like yet, but their will be leaks and rumours. Expect facial recognition, amazing camera resolution, curved screens and kick-ass processing speeds.

SanDisk 1Tb USB-C stick
It wasn’t so long ago that some of us were dragging around an external hard drive the size of a brick. It was the only way we could transport 1Tb worth of movies, music and holiday photos. In the world of data storage it’s the race to be the smallest. To that end, SanDisk has revealed a one-terabyte USB-C dongle. Imagine all the memories you can store on just one of those babies. You may have to wait a while though, because SanDisk hasn’t announced when the dongle will be available in stores.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music
The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is Garmin’s first high end fitness tracking watch, but its most exciting features is its ability to store up to 500 songs. Match your runs, rides and swims to your favourites music. The 645 Music is available for $450, and there’s a music-free 645 available for $400.

HTC Vive Pro
HTC’s Vive Pro is an updated PC-powered virtual reality headset that adds a higher-resolution display, integrated audio and an updated tracking system. The headset features a 2880×1600 display, improving on the 2160×1200 display in previous headsets. It also has a 74% greater pixel density over the regular Vive. You can also stream content wirelessly using Intel’s WiGig technology.


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