Fire season in the Western Cape is always challenging for locals, visitors and especially firefighters.

It feels as though there is a new fire springing up everyday and the reality is most of us are not sure what we would do in an instance of getting caught in one ourselves or coming across one while hiking, for example.

Here are five tips to follow if you find yourself in a dangerous situation of this kind:

In addition to these steps here are a few ways to guard your property against wildfires and reduce the likelihood of your home being damaged in a blaze:

– Always clear your yard or garden of consumable materials such as leaves and other flammable materials

– Cut down tree branches that are close to the ground to prevent the fire from spreading into the tree line

– Opt for nonflammable decorative materials in your garden, like gravel and pebbles

– Ensure that your outside furniture is made out of nonflammable materials.

During a wildfire:

– Be prepared to evacuate and have an evacuation plan ready, just in case

– Move furniture to the centre of the rooms in your home and take down drapes or curtains to prevent combustion

– Close all windows and doors to prevent drafts and reduce heat inside your home

– Shut off any natural gas at its source

– Turn on all the lights in your property so that firefighters can more easily see it through smoke

– Remain calm while evacuating.


Picture/Video: Justin Sullivan


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