President Joe Biden’s inauguration was a glamourous affair and many attendees were dressed to the nines. However, it was two-time presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders’ pragmatic attire that captured the public’s attention and inspired endless memes.

The 79-year-old senator’s casual outfit he wore to the inauguration on Wednesday, January 20 consisted of a warm winter jacket buttoned just below the chin and mittens made out of recycled materials.

Sanders reportedly opted to forego fashion for warmth, according to the Associated Press.

“You know in Vermont, we dress warm, we know something about the cold and we’re not so concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm. And that’s what I did today,” he said to CBS.

The public was particularly fascinated by Sanders’ mittens, which were made by a primary school teacher from Vermont who makes the hand warmers on the side.

As a result of Sanders’ influence, the mittens were sold out on the same day as the inauguration, according to a tweet by the teacher.

Sanders’ inauguration look has been incorporated in too many memes to count since Wednesday.

The American politician has been seen on the subway, on the moon and South Africans joined in on the fun too, so Sanders even found himself on the back of a bakkie.

Here is a selection of our favourite Bernie memes:

A New York Times software engineer, Nick Sawhey, saw the fun people were having and created a website that allowed users to put Bernie Sanders anywhere in the world using Google Maps’ Street View.

To create your own visit: 

Picture: Bernie on Lion’s Head/Nick Sawhey

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