Cape Town has taken over from Tokyo as the most affordable destination for tourists from the United Kingdom (UK). The Mother City is rated the most affordable out of 34 international resorts and cities in the annual Long-Haul Holiday Report, which is conducted by the UK’s Post Office Travel Money. 

Due to the rand’s continuing weakening streak, it has allowed for a drop in expenses for international travelers. The rand has dropped by 20% compared to the 2017 annual report, according to Post Office Travel Money.
The study makes use of a “cost of living” barometer, which estimates the general expense of a tourist from the UK during their trip to Cape Town. The cost of living barometer basket is made up of 10 essential staples including a meal for two with a range of drinks costing  £51,48, an estimated R1 003.
 Further research found that UK tourists would pay an average of £30,33 for a three-course meal for two and a house bottle of wine, which costs approximately R590.
 British nationals would pay a mere £1,31, approximately R25,50, for a cup of filter coffee and £1,44, which can be equated to R28, for a local lager at a bar.

With prices as low as this to cover the basic need for a traveller to eat, tourists from the United Kingdom may flock to Cape Town’s shores this summer.

Cape Town is 10% cheaper than Tokyo as the ‘tourist basket of 10 basic staples’ costs  £57,40, about R1 125,25 . This means that prices in Tokyo have inflated by more than 17%.

The only places to experience price drops for UK tourists are Bali and Cape Town.

Although prices have risen in Tokyo, it remains the second cheapest place to travel for UK nationals. Places such as Bali, Mombasa and Kenya follow thereafter.

Seychelles was found as the most expensive city to visit with a recorded £192,47, which is R3774,02, in expenses for the basic barometer basket of 10 essential items.

The increase in UK tourists may have a positive effect on the financial impact of tourism for Cape Town as well.

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