The power of community is palpable in Noordhoek, as a community collaboration project has come to fruition. Earth & Co along with Project Noordhoeked unveiled a new beachside bench built entirely out of EcoBricks.

According to Earth & Co’s Facebook page, the bench was crafted from 800 EcoBricks, amounting to 400 kgs of plastic and non-recyclable waste. The EcoBricks were collected from and contributed by the Noordhoek community.

The bench was built in remembrance of Wesley Sweetnam, a Noordhoek resident and trail athlete who was tragically murdered in his home in November 2019.

“Wes’s EcoBrick bench was launched today – we are thrilled with how it turned out,” wrote Karoline Hanks, an admin member of Project Noordhoeked. “Thanks to my awesome team of guys Paul, Edgar, Orbit, Honest and Alec who built it over the past few days with so much energy and enthusiasm.”

In the unveiling of the bench, Greg Balfour, whose company SOS paid for the build, cut the ribbon. The bench is situated at the beach car park.

Image: Facebook/ Karoline Hanks


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