While a fire blazed in the northern parts of the Cape on February 28, 2020, residents in the Sea Point area were treated to a unique sight as the sunset in deep shades of red.

This unusual phenomenon occurs when small dust particles are caught in the atmosphere, usually during fires or dust storms, and scattered light contributes towards changing the colour of the sunset from orange or red.

Sunrises and sunset are often prettier when its cloudier or when there are more particles present in the air to change the colour we see with our eyes.

The appearance of the sun changes throughout the day and as the sun approaches the horizon line the sunlight must travel through a greater distance to reach our sight which also affects the way we see it.

Residents present during the sunset say there were ashes and smoke visible in the area and although there was a foreboding atmosphere in the area, the beauty of the sun and sky could not be denied.

Local photographer Sylvie Benatar was able to snap a few amazing pictures of the experience and we have to say it was a sight to behold.

Pictures: Sylvie Benatar

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