The month of June is a special one for the iconic President Hotel in Bantry Bay: it officially turned 21. To mark this auspicious occasion, the hotel hosted a week of festivities to pamper its loyal customers and local community.

Through the years the hotel has upped the ante on its offerings, making sure to include everyone. Kids, couples, the elderly, families; everyone is welcome at the President Hotel. This sense of community is difficult to find in the changing landscape of hotel offerings everywhere. It is also the one attribute that sets the hotel apart from the rest. Nothing is ever too much for it to assist you with.

A walk down memory lane was in order to mark this special occasion. A wall bearing photographs and the rich history of the hotel, from its small beginnings to how it is today is on display to trace its story. It is endearing to unfold the layers and understand the hotel’s roots.

From Queen to President, reopened by the late and great Nelson Mandela in 1998, the President Hotel is Cape Town’s largest and proudest independent urban resort, steeped in a rich entangled history with the surrounding area.

Nelson Mandela opened the hotel in 1998.

From the mid 18th century the hotel has welcomed a colourful array of guests such as wealthy burghers, Lady Anne and Andrew Barnard, secretary to the Cape Government in 1797, an extensive list of high-ranking officers of Cape and British nobility, as well as more recent celebrities such as Tom Jones, and heart surgeon Dr. Christiaan Barnard.

The memory wall showcases the hotel’s rich history.

Today, the hotel boasts one of the best sea-views in the Atlantic Seaboard area, offering the perfect combination of luxury accommodation with its unique location, a diverse and locally sourced food and beverage offering, and friendly staff who are on hand to accommodate every need.

And to take these memories forward in time, a time capsule full of well-wishes for future staff and guests of the hotel was sealed off, to be opened in 2040.

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Pictures: Nidha Narrandes

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