A foot-long roll dripping with various delicious fillings and spicy sauces – sounds like a mouthful and it really is. Cape Town is famous for their invention – the Gatsby – but exactly where did this meal originate?

There have been varying stories over the years and many have claimed the invention as their own, the truth is nobody really knows. What we do know is that it was created in the Cape Flats area, when rumbling tummies packed whatever leftovers they could find in a long bread roll, added sauce for good measure and shared it among their salivating circle of workers or friends.

The roll is said to be named after The Great Gatsby, a 1925 novel written by American author F Scott Fitzgerald – the association is unknown.

Fillings include masala steak, eggs, chips, salad, russians,  cheese and vary from chicken, to beef to more recently, a calamari Gatsby.

We’ve rounded up our favorites spots to find a deliciously extravagant Gatsby.

1. Golden Dish
This take away is somewhat of an institution for Gatsby lovers in Cape Town, and best known for their steak ensemble.

Address: Shop 1 Block 1 Gatesville Shopping Centre, Klipfontein and Hazel Road, Gatesville
Contact:  +27 21 633 7864 or  +27 21 829 0737

2. Cozy Corner
Established as one of the first halal restaurants in Cape Town, Cozy Corner has been serving up great Gatsbys since 1973. You can still find them in the same corner they started in.

Address: 119 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town
Contact: 021 797 2498

3. Mariam’s Kitchen
Anyone who works in the Cape Town CBD knows you are always guaranteed a delicious meal at Mariam’s – their steak Gatsby is also legendary.

Address: 101 St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre
Contact: 021 423 0772

5. Aneesa’s
They are best known for their vienna and chip parcel – that is until you try their Gatsby roll and then you are sold. We suggest you try both and make up your own mind.

Address: 86 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town,
Contact: 021 797 5682

6. Ottery Farm Stall
You need to bring your A-game to get stuck into a Gatsby from Ottery Farm Stall. It can only be described as overflowing goodness – you have to get through a lot of filling before you find the roll. This one is a family-share size and definitely worth every cent you pay.

Address: 52 Ottery Rd, Ottery, Cape Town,
Contact: 021 704 2211

7. Fisherman’s lane
This is the Gatsby 2.0, yes even tradition needs a little spicing up now and then. Introducing the calamari Gatsby, it has been described as unique and a must-try!

Address: Klipfontein Rd, Athlone, Cape Town
Contact: 021 637 6567


Picture: Cape Town Travel

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