The Mother City continues to prove itself as one of the world’s most forward-thinking environmentally-aware cities. Cape Town-based company FortisX is pioneering a clear water bottle made from 100% plant material. It’s just like a plastic bottle, without any of the plastic waste.

FortisX has seen a lot of evolution over the years but today specialises in niche textiles lines made from a variety of unique materials.

Now, the company has expanded their plastic and packaging markets to supply biodegradable materials including Cassava, Bio-based Polyester, lactose monomers, and various biodegradable polymers.

One of its most innovative and exciting products is the new 100%-plant bottle. These types of bottles are referred to as ‘vegan’ bottles due being completely eco-friendly and devoid of any animal-based ingredients.

FortisX’s biodegradable bottle.

FortisX’s biodegradable bottle is up to the same standard as a normal plastic bottles minus the harmful waste and danger to the natural environment.

The bottle is made from bio-based polyesters which are organic resins that are highly effective as a plastic alternative. They are derived entirely from plants rather than scarce fossil fuels.

Using this plastic-alternative bottle significantly reduces your carbon footprint and the polyesters used in the production process are sourced from sustainable and annually-renewable resources.

This means that FortisX makes the conscious decision to choose sustainable farming methods utilising high regrowth rates without the need for artificial chemicals or hormones, only relying on organic ones.

This unique company is taking huge steps in turning the plastic problem around not only in Cape Town but also the world, proving companies with a sustainable plastic alternative and leaving them with no excuse not to go green.

Check out FortisX here.

Pictures: FortisX

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