What do you get when you combine a passion for winemaking, a two-generation legacy and a deep concern for the environment? The answer is a deliciously elegant wine that is highly conscious about the environment that is used to produce it. For Sophie Germanier, daughter of renowned Swiss winemaker Jacques Germanier, a bottle of organic wine should hold its own against any other wines of similar price and varietal on the market.

It is her mission to create quality and affordable wines whilst caring for the earth – and she has done just that. Sophie Germanier Organic Wines are organic certified (no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides are used in the vineyards), vegan and created with the environment and its inhabitants in mind. This means that every detail (from lightweight bottles to reduce carbon emissions during transportation to fair labour practices) is considered. It also means that the resulting wine is made with passion and innovation without compromising on quality.

What a joy it is to know the incredibly beautiful, full-bodied and elegant glass of wine you’re sipping on is also good for you, and the environment?

The Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Shiraz is a well-rounded and balanced wine. It boasts a bouquet of red bell pepper, herbs and leather and follows through on the palate with cigar box, dark fruit and prune. One of the best red blends I’ve tasted. This wine was awarded Gold at the 2021 Gilbert and Gallard International Wine Awards and Top Gold at the PAR International Organic Wine Awards.

The Sauvignon Blanc Semillon presents gooseberries and grapefruit, with hints of stone fruit on the nose. Flavours of granadillas and citrus are accompanied by a creamy palate following through towards the end. Smooth to tha palate, fresh but not dry with an all-round balance.

This wine was awarded Best Value at the 2021 Gilbert and Gallard International Wine Awards and Gold at the PAR International Wine Awards. Sophie Germanier’s Organic Wines are available to purchase at Bar Keeper Strand Street, Norman Goodfellows Gardens and Three Anchor Bay, Roeland Liquors and Vino Pronto Gardens, as well as online at Bar Keeper, Wild Organics and Wine Concepts.

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