When your mood threatens to turn sour, there’s no better cure than the power of music.

The Tygerberg Children’s Choir is known globally, and is currently, the number one children’s choir in the world. They also hold the 4th position over all on the Interkultur World Rankings.

Based in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, the children in this choir are immensely talented and have won untold numbers of awards.

Now, each from their own home, these young vocalists came together to perform a beautiful rendition of “I’ll be Reborn.”

A backing track was sent to the students via Whatsapp. Each of them then did a vocal recording at home, and sent it off to the recording studio.

Engineer Riaan Steyn mixed all the voices together on one track, producing a spine-chilling song and a beautiful video.

“We added some visuals to the video of prior performances during a time when we were still allowed to congregate, as well as footage of the empty streets of our city, just to make it more interesting – and voila,” he told Good Things Guy.

Watch the beautiful video here:


Picture: Screenshot from video

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