Prepare for another cold front to hit the Western Cape by the end of this week, bringing much needed rain with it.

Weather forecaster Mike Berridge says, we can expect an increase in temperatures over the next few days before a cold front arrives. Despite the Solstice this weekend, it will take a few weeks before temperatures change.

Berridge predicts many cold fronts for the province in the month of July.

“Temperatures are gradually creeping upward, but do not be misled by the fact we are passing mid-winter’s day and day-by-day the sun will get a little stronger and sunlight hours a little longer. It will be at least another month before the atmosphere responds. A few days of warmer weather will quickly be followed by fresh cold fronts. It is not untypical that the strongest fronts of the season arrive during July – the second of our two mid-winter months,” says Berridge

A dip in temperatures is expected from Thursday, June 25 through to Monday, June 29.
There is no confirmation of snow yet, although high-lying areas such as Sutherland and Matroosberg can expect particularly cold temperatures. Sutherland will reach lows of -1°C on Sunday, June 28, and Matroosberg will dip below freezing to -4°C on Friday, June 26.
More cold weather could be on the cards for Cape Town from next Monday, we await updated forecasts.

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