A cold front sweeping through South Africa has resulted in the Cape’s weather taking a very chilly and wet turn. As temperatures drop, it is predicted that the incoming rain will result in snow flurries for both the Western Cape, as well as the Eastern Cape.

According to the latest forecast by weather forecaster Ventusky, there will be snow in some of South Africa’s regions on Saturday, September 26.

Snow predicted to dust Cape this weekend
Snow predictions for Saturday, September 26 (Source: Ventusky)

Temperatures in Cape Town will range between a minimum of 8°C and a maximum of 14°C on Saturday, while Sunday, September 27 will have a high of 15°C and a low of 8°C.

The Cederberg region in the Western Cape is expected to receive up to a centimetre of snow. The Hex Valley is also expected to receive flurries.

Parts of the Winelands, including Paarl and Franschhoek, are predicted to receive a light covering of snow as well. Up to 5omm of rain is also expected to fall over this region, and the snow is expected to land between late morning and midday on Saturday.

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