A magazine based in Windhoek, Namibia is causing a social media stir with their recently shared list of rape prevention tips aimed at men. Unlike other guides that focus on how women can be safer, or not encourage rape by wearing revealing clothes for instance, the list mentions things men should do to prevent rape.

Ten tips on the list address some of the most common ways women are assaulted, attacked or drugged and aims to prove a point that rape is the direct result of the perpetrator performing such actions. The list therefore shifts responsibility from the victim to the perpetrator.

A number of everyday activities women do and places they go are mentioned in the tips followed by the words, “remember not to rape her” or “don’t rape her”, “leave her alone”.

These everyday actions paired with a seemingly casual reminder not to rape women serve as a commentary on how easy it seems to be for men to take advantage of women and ultimately rape them.

The magazine is asking women to share the tips far and wide as it may help save someone’s life.

Pictures/Source: Pixabay/ MonoChrome Magazine 

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