Capetonians love pizza – what other dish is as easy to get and eat after a long night and works as a meal any time of the day? A local pizzeria has made it onto a Big 7 Travel list of the world’s best pizza.

NY Slice, which has many outlets across Cape Town, comes in at number 12, and many locals can confirm that it is one of the best pizzas in the city. With several locations across the city, you are never too far from one of their outlets, making it the perfect pitstop no matter where you are.

The perfect slice to either eat in-store casually on a paper plate or to take home with you and devour, NY Slice is known for its particularly large slices and satisfaction is guaranteed. Once you taste a slice you’ll be hooked for life.

Here are the top five according to Big 7 Travel:

1. L’industrie Pizzeria – New York, USA

It’s no surprise that the best pizza slice in the world is located in New York. A city that is known for many things but especially for great slices of pizza.

You’ll often find a line around the block for their incredible slices. It’s the combination of a perfect base and their super imaginative toppings that won them their top spot. Pizza just doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Fermo Pizza – Naples, Italy

The pizza purists might be up in arms that they are even serving a pizza that is Neapolitan style but there is room for everybody.

Great toppings that change on a regular basis and perfectly consistent slices mean this spot ticks every single box. The dough is perfectly fluffy and the toppings are simply outstanding.

3. Pizza Pala Romana – Bangkok, Thailand

The key to their world-class pizza slices is that they import many of the ingredients directly from Italy. Add in their talented chefs and this is a pizza slice that is as close to perfection as you will ever taste.

One thing is for sure – you’ll be having more than one slice.

4. Slice Downtown – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A stripped-back room where you can order pizzas with friends and mix and match the toppings. It’s a New York-style pizzeria with an Atlanta vibe.

They also have a great cocktail and craft beer list so it is the perfect place to start a night out. Their Supreme pie with sausage, bacon, ground beef and ham is amazing.

5. Pizzarium – Rome, Italy

Pizzarium is a famous takeaway joint where soft, doughy slices are cut with scissors and topped with delicious Italian ingredients. Slices are sold by weight and best eaten on the go. You won’t find many locals here, but that doesn’t take away from the simple fact that they serve very good food.

The rest of the list goes as follows:

  1.  Primo Basílico – Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Bezzo Pizza – Tel Aviv, Israel
  3. NY Pizza Suprema – New York, USA
  4. Sugo – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  5. Pizzeria Torino Il Taglio – Turin, Italy
  6. Epic Pizza – Sydney, Australia
  7. NY Slice Pizza – Cape Town, South Africa
  8. Italita Pizzería – Santiago, Chile
  9. Madeinitaly – Copenhagen, Denmark
  10. Ian’s Pizza by the Slice – Seattle, Washington, USA
  11. Vezpa – Rio De Janiero, Brazil
  12. Saporé – San Martino Buis Allegro, Italy
  13. Spontini – Milan, Italy
  14. Village Pizza – Toronto, Canada
  15. Casola’s Pizzeria & Sub Shop – Miami, USA

Source: Big 7 Travel

Picture: Pixabay

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