South Africa is truly a unique country. We are a rainbow nation filled with a plethora of cultures and traditions but these are not the only things we have a variety of. We are also well-known for some particularly shocking happenings or down-right South African occurrences you won’t see anywhere else.

So join us in noting some surprisingly entertaining and undoubtedly South African moments:

Our traffic officers display another level of dedication while our motorists will do anything to avoid paying a fine.

Anything is a delivery van if you’re brave enough in South Africa.

If you mess up, just improvise – no one will notice.

We toyi-toyi so much, stores are starting to sell combos for convenience.

We are one with nature, even while we’re on the loo.

You can never be too careful when parking your car.

Our healthcare may not be the best but at least we have options.

Our signage is always on point.

Our homeless people are always thinking of new ways to get appeal to the public.

We’re not afraid of a little cold weather.

As a nation, we have a knack for signage.

Our public transport may not be up to standard, but we are resourceful.

We like to mix it up a little, especially when it comes to birthday cakes.

There’s always an opportunity to strike up business.

Christmas the South African way.

We make our own rules of the road.

Forget zebra crossings.

We never waste a good opportunity.

Our resourcefulness knows no bounds.

There’s nothing we can’t transport.

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