11 Church Street is where you will find a one-of-a-kind place in a one-of-kind town, Stellenbosch.

But please don’t ask for it by its address, it’s way too popular for that. Ask for it by name.

Brampton Bar and Restaurant in Stellenbosch offers a unique experience that has something for everyone. Whether you are out with your family for a relaxing Sunday lunch or a great night out with your mates, this is the perfect place to start your evening or end off a fantastic night out.


Now, when you’re a townie like myself, and think of the Winelands, you consider going to an actual wine estate (as do most of us). But I am glad I chose a different route this time.

One of the venue’s best features is its raised bar and chalkboards which have been converted into tables. It adds to the relaxed environment, but is also fantastic for entertaining kids, and kids at heart.

If you’re wondering, guests are indeed encouraged to ‘leave their mark’ on the chalkboard tables. If you’d like your chalk art to stand out, ensure you have a wet cloth (which the staff are happy to provide you with) in order to get started on a blank canvas.


Brampton has an awesome collection of their own wines on display, and diners are able to purchase a glass, bottle or a case of it, right there.

But, if, like me, you drive for an hour to the Winelands and the thing you crave most is a nice ice-cold beer, Brampton has its very own draught beer, and my word, it is delicious! If I were a smarter man, I would delve into the flavours, the crispness and the fact that although it is light in body, it is full of flavour, with a strong hops base and a lightness and sweetness that makes your mouth crave another glass. But alas, I will have to cover all the feeling this glass of beer brought me while I was drinking it.


The business was founded by five amazingly talented individuals, some of whom were classically trained and others fuelled by raw passion. This shows in the dishes; traditional ideas with unique twists, blending into a fusion of mouth-watering Moorish cuisine. These individuals are by no means new to the culinary world, having establishments in several places. Luckily for me, my mouth and my stomach got to experience it all.

In conclusion, I leave this blog with some images of the day and look forward to returning in the very near future.

Photography courtesy Brampton Wine Studio 

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