The recent spike of child abductions has increased after an 8-year-old girl from Goodwood was forcibly taken by a suspect claiming to work for a promotions company on Saturday. According to police reports, the victim was found on Sunday and has been returned to her family.

Bellville family violence, child protection and sexual violence (FCS) detectives and the Western Cape Police Services (SAPS) conducted investigations after the incident, which occurred at approximately 6pm in the Goodwood area.

SAPS Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana indicated that the victim was abducted by a suspect claiming to work as a promoter.

“According to information at hand, the child was abducted from a family friend who was walking with her. The alleged man approached them and told the family friend that he was doing a promotion and the child fitted the profile,” Rwexana said.

Allegedly, the suspect claimed that he was conducting a promotion for a well-known retail store, and informed the family friend that the 8-year-old was the perfect candidate for a modeling campaign with the retailer.

The police revealed that both the family friend and young child walked with the suspect to N1 City Mall. While walking to the shopping centre, the suspect gave the family friend money to purchase cold drinks at the nearest petrol station.

Rwexana told News24 that the accompanying family friend was informed to return home with transport provided by the ‘promotion company’.

“When she returned, he told the complainant (family friend) to wait for a taxi which will take her home to fetch another child for the promotion,” she said.

The suspected was then reported to have left with the 8-year-old child.

The family friend rushed to N1 City Mall to find that the retail store was closed. According to police services, the child was found on Sunday afternoon at her family home in Bishop Lavis and has been taken for immediate medical attention.

Investigations are currently underway.

The Western SAPS are urging the community to take precautions and ensure the safety of their children.

“We appeal to the community to protect children from strangers and also educate children about stranger danger,” Rwexana said

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