No arrests have yet been made for Friday’s brutal attack on a farm owner and his wife on their Wellington property. The incident occurred while the family was gathered for a braai at 10.30pm.

South African Police Services spokesperson, FC Van Wyk, confirmed the incident. “The owners were busy having a braai when five unidentified males with balaclavas, one positively armed with a firearm and the others with knives, threatened him and took him into his house where the rest of his family was.”

The suspects then locked the family inside the safe and ransacked the house. According to Van Wyk, it is unknown at this stage exactly what was taken.

The owner of the farm, Ludwig Uys, along with his wife Melanie, are currently recovering in hospital following the attack. It is alleged that the husband and wife were attacked while they were locked up in their home with their children.

“The farm owner managed to get a phone which he used to call for help. It is also unknown if he hurt himself or if he was injured by the suspects,” Van Wyk said. “No arrest has been made as yet, but the investigating officer is following up all leads in his quest to arrest the suspects.”

Melanie and Ludwig Uys were attacked during a family braai on their farm in Wellington (Source: Facebook)

In a tweet by Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety for Afriforum, he said Ludwig’s knees were broken using a crowbar, and that Melanie was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and hands.

Although police are still investigating the incident, it can be confirmed that several firearms were stolen from the property.

Picture: Twitter

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